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Why We Exist

Everyone (of age) should be able to have a great cocktail, regardless of their bartending skills, proximity to a decent bar, or time available for measuring and mixing. We take the perfectly made cocktail to be an art form. We perfected ours so you can enjoy them in convivial company with minimal effort, ready to pour just as you would your favorite wine or beer.

Who We Are

We are Cy Cain and Casey Richwine, two major cocktail enthusiasts who began by making batch cocktails for friends and family. After years of honing our craft and perfecting our recipes, while plotting how to make this official, we opened Straightaway’s doors in December, 2018.

Words to the Liquid Wise

Our cocktails are spirited and balanced, with deference to time-honored recipes, made for those who appreciate a well-made drink. Each is mixed using the best available ingredients and, through meticulous preparation, delivers on a properly balanced drink. Fastidious attention is paid to every detail: lemons and limes are juiced, simple syrup is made from scratch, and bitters are brewed in-house.

Each bottled cocktail is available in three sizes:
750 ml bottles offer 10-12 cocktails.
200 ml bottles yield 2-3 cocktails.
50 ml bottles are good for one.

They’ll last on your shelf as long as any bottle of liquor would.