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Rye Whiskey, Liqueurs with Natural Flavors, Cochineal Extract

Buckle in; your very own Paper Plane awaits. What began as a humble experiment in a clandestine New York bar, this complex cocktail no longer flies under the radar—it’s a bona fide modern-day classic. Balancing bright citrus notes with herbal undertones, it performs aerial acrobatics for your tastebuds. Whether you have your feet on the ground or your head in the clouds, the Paper Plane is a choice drink for any occasion.

25% Alc. by Vol.

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Gin aged with Lemon, House-Made Simple Syrup, Bitters

The Lintik recipe was conceived at the Manila Hotel by a bartender equally known for his pursuit of fine drinks and social amusements. Lintik’s name, Tagalog for “lightning,” conjures up its electric nature. As is tradition, our own recipe infuses gin with lemon in this drink worthy of being struck by.

25% Alc. by Vol.

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Gin, Bitter Liqueur, Sweet Vermouth

The Negroni was invented by Camillo Negroni, an Italian dignitary disguised as an American cowboy. Legend has it that the “cowboy” needed a stiffer drink than Italy’s beloved apertif, and with a splash of gin the Negroni was conceived. Its brambly bite softens to reveal a balanced civility that will satisfy any drinker of discerning taste. 

36% Alc. by Vol.

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Tennessee Rye Whiskey, House-Made Simple Syrup, Bitters of Filbert and Fir

The Old Fashioned is revered for its versatility and simplicity. This variation on the classic speaks to wistful days spent in Milton-Freewater, OR, and we’ve transposed our fondness for the Pacific Northwest bouquet into our own bitters. Whether consumed around a mountain-top campfire or from the safety of your drawing room, tradition has it that one’s first Old Fashioned should be served by a friend.

41.5% Alc. by Vol. 

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Gin, Vermouth, House-Made Orange Bitters

Decades of reinvention gave us what we know today as the Martini. A dynamite drink invented at the site of the Gold Rush, the Martini became a drink of choice for debutantes and dignitaries. So pour one for the luminaries in your life, and give them a sense of liberty by providing various garnishes. Lemon is traditional, olives will do just fine, even a cocktail onion is acceptable.

31% Alc. by Vol.

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Vodka aged with Lime, Lemon & Orange, House-Made Cranberry Liqueur

Truth regarding the genesis of the Cosmopolitan is fuzzy, and we’re not here to provide one bit of coherence. In an ever-expanding cosmos, our rendition launches from the version created by Cheryl Cook in Miami Beach’s heyday. Enjoy this pastel libation in your finest linen slacks, and make a toast to the evening’s celestial affair. 

25% Alc. by Vol.